About us

About us

The Bildungsverein Bautechnik creates training opportunities for apprentices in the construction sector. Supported by the collective bargaining parties of the construction industry in Berlin and Brandenburg, the association provides training building sites in Germany and abroad. These training building sites, which are mostly created within the framework of projects for the preservation of historical monuments, allow young people to test and develop their skills under real conditions.

An important element of this is the exposure to historical building techniques and materials. The Bildungsverein Bautechnik wants to make a contribution to the qualification of trainees that goes beyond the usual training framework. In this way, the trainees can acquire unique additional qualifications. At the same time, cultural assets are preserved for the community.

»Tell me and I will forget. Show me, and I may keep it. Let me do it and I will be able to. «

Board of Directors and Management

The Bildungsverein Bautechnik is represented by the board members Mathias Kahrs, Dr. Manja Schreiner and Dirk Kuske. They each represent the sponsoring institutions – Bauindustrieverband Ost e.V. , Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. and Industriegewerkschaft Bauen Agrar Umwelt.

Bettina Peifer, a political scientist, has been the managing director since November 2019.


Dr. Manja Schreiner

Chief Managing Director Fachgemeinschaft Bau Berlin-Brandenburg

Dirk Kuske

Deputy Regional Manager Industriegewerkschaft Bauen Agrar Umwelt

Mathias Kahrs

Head of Business Office Berlin Bauindustrieverband Ost e.V.

Bettina Peifer

Managing Director Bildungsverein Bautechnik e.V.


The Bildungsverein Bautechnik has more than twenty years of experience in carrying out educational projects in the main construction trade. Up to now, these have been exclusively projects with apprentices. With the opening of the construction workshop „Mobile Bauwerkstatt“, school students are now also a target group of the association.

The Bildungsverein Bautechnik was founded in connection with its best-known project: the model facade of Schinkel’s Bauakademie in Berlin. Since then, numerous new projects have been added, such as reconstructions, model and teaching building sites, and European exchange programs. The completed buildings, such as the Fortunaportal in Potsdam, the Bruno Taut Pavilion on Dammweg in Berlin or the pendulum columns of Berlin’s Viktoriastadt, demonstrate the success of the association and its sponsors in the preservation of cultural monuments.

A selection of the projects is presented here as examples. If you have any questions about the further work of the association, please feel free to contact us at any time!