Camp Road towards Main Entrance and Prisoners' Barracks


2008 – 2010

As contribution to the restoration of the memorial site, the Bildungsverein Bautechnik organised work stays for trainees in Mauthausen from 2008 onwards. This was made possible with the support of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, the German War Graves Commission and the Knobelsdorff School in Berlin.

The Mauthausen concentration camp was the largest Nazi concentration camp in Austria during the Second World War. The projects in Mauthausen confronted all trainees with new challenges. In addition to the high psychological stress in view of the daily confrontation with the Holocaust, the trainees also coped with new professional and practical demands. In conversations with international visitors, English skills were tested and improved; through group work, the trainees practised teamwork and independence. In addition, their views on Europe opened up. For many apprentices, the practical experience they gained was decisive for shaping their further career and increased their willingness to be mobile.

After successful participation in the project, all apprentices received the Europass Mobility. This documents the experience gained in Austria and thus facilitates access to other professional activities in other European countries.


„Good Practice“ – Project 2009 of the Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training